The rate for Kimberly Chadwick, an attorney and certified family law mediator, isĀ $150/hour which will be divided between the parties ($75/hr each), unless the parties agree otherwise.

If the parties prefer a co-mediation so that there is a both male and female mediator, the hourly rate is $200.

Virginia law does not require that a mediator be a licensed attorney. However, Kimberly Chadwick is a member in good standing of the Virginia, District of Columbia and Michigan Bars, and all mediation services are rendered by the Law Offices of Kimberly A. Chadwick, PLLC., which is fully insured and licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia and Prince William County. Steve Chadwick is not a licensed attorney and will not be directly providing mediating services, but rather a participating assistant as requested under the supervision of the law firm.

Terms of Payment

Prior to the commencement of mediation, the parties must submit a retainer fee in amount agreed to by the parties and the mediator. (Typically this will be an amount sufficient to cover the intake fee, 4 hours of mediation and an hour of document drafting.) The funds will be held in the law firm’s Trust Account until earned. The mediator’s time will be charged in 1/2 hour increments and paid out of the Trust funds. Any remaining funds at the conclusion of the case shall be refunded to the parties. If at any time during the mediation process the retainer is exhausted, the parties will be asked to replenish the funds, and mediation will continue once the additional payment had been made in full.

Payment made be made by cash, check, money order, or credit card. If by check, payment must be received at least five days in advance of the first mediation session. Any returned check will result in a $25 fee to the party submitting the check. All major credit cards are accepted and payments can be made over the phone or through this website. However, a party using a credit card will be assessed an additional 3% charge to cover the associated merchant fee imposed by the credit card companies. Please see the firm’s Privacy Policy for details regarding the collection and protection of information provided when making a credit card payment through this website.

Intake Fee
Each party will be charged a fee of $25 for the initial intake and scheduling process.

Document Drafting Fee
The mediation will charge time spent in drafting the parties’ agreement at the same hourly rate as mediation sessions.

Travel Time
There is no travel time charged for the mediator if the session occurs within 30 minutes of Bristow. If travel time one way is greater then 30 minutes, then all travel time will be charged at a rate equal to 50% of the regular hourly fee.

Cancellation Charge
Scheduled mediations must be cancelled no less than 24 hours prior to the session. If cancelled after this time, the party cancelling the session will be charged for one hour of mediation at the regularly hour rate. If mediation is cancelled due to a “no show” by one or both of the parties, the party(s) failing to show will be charged for two hours of mediation at the regularly hourly rate.